Metro expresses support for Smart Pass concept, will perform analysis

I recently contacted the Metro Board of Directors to update them on the Smart Pass concept, mentioning the media coverage, new blog, Twitter and Facebook pages, and endorsements the concept has gotten from supporters.

Metro provided the following response:

Dear Mr. Perkins:

Thank you for your April 14, 2011 email message to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) Board of Directors regarding the Smart Pass concept. I have been asked to respond.

We believe that introducing your SmartPass concept to the Metropolitan Washington region could present additional benefits to Metro and our customers. In fact, Metro is already considering a robust analysis of the proposed pass program and its potential impacts. This assessment would include reviewing the experiences of similar agencies’ pass programs, determining more refined assumptions, and performing the analysis on several months’ worth of data reflecting passenger behavior after the most recent fare increase.

We certainly appreciate your knowledgeable assessment and enthusiasm for this process, and we thank you for your interest.


Tom Harrington
Office of Long Range Planning


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